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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a wealth of information, related to Ground Zero Paintball and its store. If you cannot find an answer to your question, make sure to contact us.

Hello! How old are your paintballers?
It’s a very important question moms and dads! WHY!???
Because paintball is an action activity and your young paintballers safety comes first. Why!???

Younger kids’ attention spans and listening skills are not quite developed yet. It’s important that everyone’s having FUN! FUN! FUN! and your kids don’t get put off playing paintball since it does hurt when you get painted.

ATTENTION! When it comes to your kids age, don’t be a LIAR! Our Marshals do their very best to insure that the kids are having fun enjoying the paintball day, but it’s up to YOU at the end of the day, OK?
It’s better than nursing bumps and bruises and oweees, einas and explaining to the parents why their child sat out the whole day.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Don’t wear tights or skinny jeans. Wear closed toe shoes. e.g. Tekkies, boots or sports shoes.

We don’t provide overalls due to the recent events,hygiene and water restrictions.
All our paint is imported from overseas and is water soluble and biodegradable. Please don’t bring your best dress or suit, wear old comfortable clothing and put it in the was when you get home.

We don’t do refunds on bookings or confirmed players, we turn clients away once you confirm your booking and pay your deposit.

We do not refund on events that are out of our control,force majeure or covid related. On your event day we setup for the amount you have confirmed for and that takes time, labour and materials. We will provide you with the paint of those that don’t pitch to play.Please see Bookings terms - Refunds and cancelations.

With Covid being the new norm!

The cancelation policy is the same as all other cancelations.
If we can fill your slot, we will be able to move your group to a new slot, if not the deposit is lost.


Weather reports are often incorrect so decisions will be made on the day regarding the weather, Paintball is an all-weather sport, so cancellations due to rain, heat etc are not accepted and the deposit will be lost.
If the weather is too bad to play in, Ground Zero paintball will phone the groups on the day to see if they would like to still play, or move their bookings to a mutually convenient date up to 3 months from the date of your original booking.
Unless we contact you to inform you that the site is closed due to bad weather or other circumstances your paintball session will take place.
If you choose not to play when we are open, you will be deemed to have cancelled your booking. If in doubt call to check first.

No. Ground Zero is a field-paint only facility. We want to ensure quality and safety. We use top quality paintballs which is carefully stored, rotated and temperature/humidity controlled.
If anyone lifts there safety mask in the entrance or playing field they will be removed from the area and will not be allowed back on to participate in any events. This rule is for your safety and will be enforced to the fullest extent.

Our Management reserves the right to refuse admission to those who they feel are unsuitable for the Park's facilities.

We like to get feedback! If you have any problems or suggestions during your visit, please go to the entrance of the Park and ask for the manager on duty.

We suffer from trust issues and If a player lifts, plays or tries to wipe the inner lens of his or her mask they will be removed from the field and not permitted to continue play.

You will lose an eye or have permanent damage. 

The mask is for your face protection. If you require assistance call for or go to a marshal with your mask on and they will escort you of the playing field.

Please take extra care to look after your things. Our Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property whilst visiting or using any of the paintball arenas attractions or facilities.

We have lockers available at the paintball range, please enquire about them at the front desk.

By entering the paintball arena you do so at your own risk. Our Management accepts no responsibility for personal injury. Please be careful!

Threatening behaviour, verbal abuse, racial motivated behaviour or any violence will not be permitted at the Arena.

Anyone exhibiting this kind of behaviour will be removed from the Arena, wihout a refund.

Please listen to and follow the instructions given by our Marshals. Certain restrictions are in place for your safety, the Marshals do not have the authority to override them. The Marshals are there to oversee your event and they will reprimand you or your kids for not following the rules and regulations. Please don’t be rude and disrespectful. Please do not place them in a difficult position where they will have to stop the event..

Our park is a NON- smoking zone, but we have an allocated area for a quick smoke break. Please do-not smoke where kids, non smokers and no smoking signs are. Please throw your cigarette butts in the bin after you kill it and please don't throw it on the floor.

Drinks? We only allow soft drinks no Alcoholic Beverages allowed. We are a action sport venue, Safety first!

Please throw your rubish in the dustbins provided and not the floor, that includes bottle caps.

You may not swap non-players with players, each person wanting to play must pay the fee to play. All non-players including the Parents, Guardians, Au pairs and Grandparents must pay an entry fee of R10.

We love animals, but only allow guide dogs into the Park.Unfortunately we do not have kennel facilities, it is cruel and unfair to keep your pets in the car. So your furry friends will have to stay at home where it is comfortable.

We do not permit anyone to play their own music on the property that includes the parking lot and Taxis that drop off. Be considerate of the tenants on the property and other guests. You are not allowed to bring any balls or ball games e.g. Soccer, Cricket and Rugby balls. No Bikes, Scooters, quadbikes, Skateboards or roller skates allowed You are here to play paintball so sit relax and when you ready go shoot some mates.

There is no bubble gum allowed on the premises that includes any sweets that have a bubble gum filling. Please do not give the kids any small sucking sweets they are a choking hazard. We don’t allow any confetti of any sort it is very nice for the kids but not for the environment and cleaning up.
We provide bins to despose of your rubish. Please ensure that your party area is cleaned before you leave.

All bookings are subject to availability. Should your first date choice not be available an alternative will be offered.
Bookings must be made via the website booking quotation form. There is important information we require e.g. kids age, total players and terms and conditions. When the form is complete and sent off you will receive an Information pack event.

A non-refundable deposit is required when you receive a confirmation email for your booking. The deposit required varies depending on the booking size, and we will only secure the booking on receipt of deposit and the funds clear, then you will receive an reciept email confirming your booking is secured. this email will include all the relevant information and Indemnity forms.

A copy of our consent form will also be included in the receipt email so all party members can read and sign before the event date.
If parents refuse to sign the form then we are very sorry they will not be allowed to join the event.

Moving booking slots.
Once a deposit has been received and your receipt has been issued, your booking is secured. If a booking requires to be moved to a new date/time please note you will have to pay a new deposit, If the your original slot is not filled, there will be a transfer fee of R700 charged. If the slot is filled we will refund the full deposit. All requests must be emailed to us.

Booking Cancellations.
* We do not refund cancellations, if a booking is cancelled and a refund is approved by management there will be a administration fee of R700 deducted from the amount refunded This is non-negotiable. All requests must be emailed to us.

* Once you have made the deposit on your time slot, we turn clients away for that time slot, so we do not refund deposits! due to force majeure, weather or any other circumstances that is out of our control.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your designated start time to ensure you are not late for the safety briefing. All participants must attend the safety briefing before they play paintball. If you are going to be late you must inform us in advance of your start time, or your booking may be deemed to be cancelled. Late bookings will not be allowed to play later than the allocated time slot. Please allow for possible delays on route when planning your trip..

We take photo's and video during bookings and we compress and upload them to our gallery at no cost. By makeing a booking with Ground Zero Paintball , you give Ground Zero paintball & Social paintball consent to do so and use the photo's for social media pages and adverts. If you would like the high quality photos please email us and we can send you a link at a small cost.

Quotations & Bookings

Please complete the form below so we can quote you accurately.

Contact Information

When making a booking please ensure that one person deals with the details. This will ensure that we dont have any confusion between us.

Booking information

Please complete this section with the correct information.

Additional paintballs can be purchased on site at R50 for 100 paintballs. All prices include VAT.

Minimum of 10 players required for a private booking and you may not swop players out with visitors.
There is a visitors fee of R10 for those parents or friends staying.
Please Specify correctly what your booking type is! The booking type determines what the velocity the markers get set at for the group.
Please Specify the date that you require!
NB: Week day sessions times may vary.
Condition This form is only a request for a booking quotation and not a physical booking. We will contact you with in 24 hours during office hours, our office hours are 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday.
Please note bookings will only be confirmed once we have received the full deposit and is non refundable! There is a shop on-site that sells tea, coffee and hot chocolate ,we do not permit kettles or urns on-site.

Booking Cancellations.
We do not refund cancellations, if a booking is cancelled and a refund is approved by management there will be a administration fee of R700 deducted from the amount refunded, This is non-negotiable. All requests must be emailed to us.

Final step
(Weekdays Only)

Did you know?

The paint in paintballs is a specialized product because it is both water-soluble and biodegradable, and has been developed for optimum characteristics in the encapsulating process.

Kids will shoot on average 200 to 300 hundred paintballs, depending on the child. Extra paintballs may be purchased on site.


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Did you know?

The number of injuries for paintball is less by far than bowling, tennis, archery, basketball, and many other sports.